Notice of Cancellation of Election and Declaration of Candidates Elected

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Notice is hereby given by the Town of Kremmling, that at the close of business on the sixty-fourth day before the election, there were not more candidates for the offices of Mayor and Trustees for the Board of Trustees of Kremmling, Colorado, including candidates filing affidavits of intent to be write-in candidates; therefore, the election to be held on April 2, 2024 is hereby canceled pursuant to section §31-10-507 C.R.S. and Section 2.44.020 of the Kremmling Municipal Code. 

The following candidates are hereby declared elected: 

Wes Howell Mayor 2-year term Until April 2026 

Dave Sammons Trustee 4-year term Until April 2028 

Jim Miller Trustee 4-year term Until April 2028 

Erik Woog Trustee 4-year term Until April 2028


Teagan Serres, Town Clerk